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About The Riders of Rohan

The Riders of Rohan is a mature, rank 10 kinship on the Arkenstone server in the persistent online world of The Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO).  The Riders of Rohan, or RoR for short, hold true a fairly simple overarching gaming philosophy which is to create and enjoy a fun, relaxed, mature and respectful gaming experience.  RoR prides itself on avoiding overly restrictive time requirements, rules or regulations.  Despite our relaxed philosophy, we strictly adhere to our Code of Conduct and the LOTRO Terms of Service.

Although we are not a hardcore raiding guild and do not have a DKP system, much of our focus is on high-level and end-game instances, raids and skirmishes which we run as often as our schedules permit.  As such, grouping together with kinmates and developing our characters for high-level game content is a primary emphasis of RoR.  Because of this emphasis, we are mostly interested in applications from players whose main LOTRO characters are level 30 and above.  Nonetheless, all players are welcome to apply.

The members and officers of RoR enjoy gaming together and appreciate each others’ camaraderie in the mature, relaxed and respectful gaming environment which we have worked hard to create.  Most of our members live in North America but all mature, respectful players 18 years old or older are welcome to apply.  Players under age 18 are welcome to apply if sponsored by a current RoR member or officer.  


If you have questions about RoR or just want more info, please see our Rider Handbook.  You can also contact RoR by sending an email to the RoR officer corps at  Thanks and Ride On!

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