Grouping with The Riders of Rohan


LotRO is a multiplayer game, and there is no doubt that the most fun, interesting, and challenging content is accessible only through groups. It’s even better when done with your kinmates. Most Riders of Rohan enjoy grouping, and here are the ways to have the most success getting into and through the instances you want.


First, realize that the Riders of Rohan are not skirmish soldiers waiting to be summoned on demand into the instance of your choice. As advertised, RoR is a casual kinship and Riders who are online may be Away From Keyboard (AFK), crafting, questing, assembling their own group or involved in other activities. Patience is key to getting groups in LotRO, and being understanding of the other people’s play styles is just as crucial. You may not get the group you want on a particular evening and if it’s a more obscure instance, maybe not that week.


Second, figure out where you want to go. If your not sure where you need to go to get the stuff you want...ask!  The wisdom of Riders that have gone before has allowed a tabulation of the loot that drops from each instance, the titles granted from success in each and much more.  You’ll even be directed to certain instances by quests in the epic quest line and the class trait quest lines. Better yet, think of several instances that you’re interested in to get the widest possible participation.

Then, ask in kinchat for that instance. It should not look like this:


[Kinship] Wrongway: Anyone for Grand Stair?

(About 10s pass)

[Kinship] Wrongway: Anyone for Grand Stair?

(About 10s pass)

[Kinship] Wrongway: Anyone for Grand Stair?

(About 30s pass)

[Kinship] Wrongway: No one? Really?

(About 30s pass)

[Kinship] Wrongway: You guys suck. No one ever helps me. I hate you. Pleeeeeeeeez?

(About 30s pass)

Wrongway has gone offline.


Often, you’ll get more interest once you get one or two people to join your group. Advertise the goal of your group, the number of players you have, the number of players you need and update that total as you go along. Remind people why it’s a good idea to go – sell the instance! Additionally, some people play with a spouse or sibling and will only join if there is room for two. Let people know if you need a particular role filled (normally tank or healer).


[Kinship] Rightway: Anyone for a Forges run? I just need 6 more medallions for the armor piece.

(2-4m pass)

[Kinship] Rightway: GS, Forges, FG, 16th Hall, Skum, even DD. Anything for Moria medallions. Good opportunity to get your class quests done.

(about 60s pass)

[Kinship] Otherplayer: I could go for 16th Hall, I need my class quest.

[Kinship] Rightway: 2/6 for 16th Hall. Come get a mark for helping Otherplayer get his class quest done! It’s a good chance to get Moria Medallions besides yet another GS run!


Get people to read your invite. Don’t go bare-bones with your approach. Humor will often get people interested in joining your group: 

[Kinship] Rightway: 4/6 for 16th Hall, need healer. No other instance brings you as many bugs! Rock LotRO with your very own Bug-stomper title?


And some people respond to lore:

[Kinship] Rightway: 4/6 for 16th Hall, need healer. Is the Lost One so frightening that no Riders will answer the call? Join us in purging the blight from this hall.


Some respond to an appeal of efficiency:

[Kinship] Rightway: 4/6 for 16th Hall, need healer. We’ve got 2 level 75s and 2 level 65's for a level 60 instance. It will be quick and painless (for us!) Join us for easy Moria medallions!


There are lots of ways to recruit for groups, and you’ll find your own voice over time. Not only will you get into more instances, but you’ll be more than just another character – you’ll have personality, and people will want to group with YOU, and not just go to the 16th Hall.


The best way to get people to join your groups is to join theirs. You may not need the instances others are offering, but people do remember who is eager to help, and it tends to get paid back.


Of course, joining the Riders doesn’t mean you can’t join Pick Up Groups (PUGs) or start your own PUG. The Looking For Fellowship (LFF) and Global Looking For Fellowship (GLFF) channels can actually be useful, as well as giving you a chance to play with other characters. Just be aware that they are not all of Rider stock and the quality and conduct of those players will vary wildly.


With the introduction of the Instance Finder, grouping in LOTRO has become even easier.  In essence, the Instance Finder allows you to pick the type, level and difficulty of instance you want to join.  You are then placed in a server wide queue and when there are the correct amount of players in the queue looking for what you are looking are instantly placed in a group. It's a bit more complicated than that but you get the idea.  Just like LFF and GLFF, the quality and conduct of the players you get grouped with will vary wildly.  For information about the Instance Finder, please see this link:  Instance Finder Developer Diary