The Riders of Rohan have many players who craft, and can do so at the highest levels available in-game. Many have alt characters for the express purpose of crafting. So, here’s the way to get things made for your character(s) in the Riders of Rohan.


1.  The process may take time. If you’re interested in a set of armour for a level 42 character, begin when you’re level 40 or 41. This will accommodate any material gathering/buying you need to do, and ensure that once you hit that level, you’re able to equip your new items, and not miss a beat.


2.  The vast majority of crafting Riders are also very happy to make things for you. Very few, however, keep a full vault of all the materials required to craft every item at every tier of proficiency. At the same time, a Rider is not a charity case – do not ask/beg for free items – it’s beneath us all. You should bring materials to the crafter. It’s his/her experience you’re asking for, not his vault or wallet. If you don’t know what materials are required or how to acquire them, ask! This may include rare single-use recipes, raid drops, or even items that the crafter must quest for himself. If the crafter offers to provide some materials, accept graciously.


3.  Gather materials if you can, or go to AH, or use the Riders of Rohan resource bank. Thorr Thunderblade maintains a storage character named “Warehouse.” Riders can (and are encouraged to) send extra crafting items to Warehouse, where they’ll wait until someone needs them. Of course, Warehouse doesn’t always have everything, but it’s free to check and get materials from Warehouse. Thorr and Warehouse aren’t always on, but if you send an in-game mail to Warehouse, you’ll get a response in a few days. Since you’ve started early (see step 1), this is ok.


4.  If you need the item faster, or Warehouse is dry, check the auction house. Prices vary wildly, so be prepared for some sticker shock. You could also gather the materials yourself, either through drops or with a character who has the appropriate gathering profession.


5.  Once you have all the items you need, speak up in kinchat. Explain that you have materials, and you’d like to have them converted into something useful. Some recipes, to include legendary items or guild-specific recipes, may have cooldowns of up to a week, so step 1 is even more important.


6.  Once you have someone who responds, and it may not be immediately or even that night, keep in mind that the crafter is helping you out. Don’t join a group and be unavailable to the person who offers to help, especially if he switched characters to craft for you. Offer to meet at a crafting hall to trade or mail the items to the crafter.


7.  Enjoy your new item! For the players that primarily solo, gear crafted by your kinmates is like having them with you in every battle. You earned the materials, your kinmate turned it into a valuable item, and together you’ll reap the glory.