Gaming Philosophy


The Riders of Rohan is a casual and mature kinship that works to create a family-oriented gaming experience free from overly restrictive rules or regulations. What does that mean? Let’s break it down.


Casual: While we have scheduled events, and even raids, you don’t have to join or sign up for any events. Want to play solo? Ok. Want to run in pugs with other kinships? Sure thing. Need some of your characters to stay in your real-life friend’s kinship? Fine too. Whatever your thing is – crafting, pvp, pve, raiding, soloing, pugging, kinship chat, any/all of the above – that’s cool with us.


Mature (part 1): We are primarily an 18+ kinship. This means that after a crazy day at work or dealing with family, you don’t have to deal with babies online too. While we do make the rare exception for under 18 players, they’re normally family members of long-time established players that we trust to teach their kids how to play like adults. This doesn’t mean that juvenile or double-entendre humor isn’t on display or that there is an old man yelling at you to turn down your gosh-durn rock-n-roll music.  It does mean that we expect you to be an adult and (generally) act like one.


Mature (part 2): We are a kinship of primarily level-capped characters. This is natural for any long-lived kinship. While there are many alts of lower levels in the kinship, expect the bulk of scheduled and ad hoc activity to be focused on near-level cap or level cap instances. Typically in kin chat, if someone offers to do an instance, it will be at the level cap.


Family-oriented: The Riders of Rohan are not covering sharp corners in bubble-wrap and enforcing helmet, elbow, and kneepads for play. At the same time, we don’t allow cursing in any public channels. Sure, there will be occasional slipups, but as long as it’s not especially vulgar (if you have to ask, it is) or frequent, it won’t be a problem. We also don’t want to see Riders publicly scolding, harassing, or ridiculing any other member of the kinship for any reason. Take disputes to private chats or discuss it with an officer.  Flaming and/or abusive speech is forbidden in all LOTRO communication channels to include in-game voice, Ventrilo, kin chat or glff.  And this applies regardless of what others are doing. The targets may not be Riders, but once you’re one of us, your actions reflect on all of us.


Free from overly restrictive rules and regulations: This is a game, not a monastery or the military. You don’t have to meet any play frequency requirements. We don’t have complicated loot systems. If real life prevents you from attending an event you signed up for (or even scheduled yourself), that’s understandable. This is only possible because of “casual,” above. We do have a minimal set of rules, contained in our Code of Conduct, which define what it takes to be a Rider without burdening any Rider.