The Riders of Rohan is not a democracy - it's an oligarchy. While we solicit and value input from all our members, final authority resides with the kinship leader, Dandur, and the executive officers: Thorr, Majesticmyst, Taradanag, Macmerkin, and Menelchol and Bossman.


These executive officers rule by committee. They each bring different viewpoints and strengths to bear on issues facing the kinship. They will not use their position to extort gold, ninja loot, or make characters do ridiculous dances. They share equal power, and collectively have total authority over the kinship. They are the strategic visionaries, the commissioners, the ruling cabal.


The executive officers can’t do it all themselves and are aided and counseled by the officer corps. The officer corps extends the reach across hours and styles of play. The current officers are: Nimitar, Corinthianz, Danania, Hahmburglar, Throklin, Macswife, Vysion and Nidrod. 


As above, officers will not abuse their positions for gain. They will be primarily involved in leading groups, have the power to promote recruits to full Riders of Rohan, and the responsibility to remind Riders when they stray from the path set out in the code of conduct. They are where the rubber meets the road, the Special Forces, the mob enforcers.