Code of Conduct


While we don’t have many rules, the minimal ones we do have are all intended to support our philosophy of a casual and mature kinship that works to create a family-oriented gaming experience. To understand the spirit behind the rules, see our philosophy. Follow the terms of service, and your character(s) and our kinship will steer clear of easily avoidable drama.


The code of conduct will evolve over time, as it has since its first appearance in 2007. The game today is radically different: legendary items, skirmish soldiers, runekeepers and wardens, instance join, and in-game store to name a few.  Many of the founding members have gone, and the membership changes over time as well. The code of conduct may change to reflect the in-game and real world environment in which LotRO is played and your understanding of, and compliance with, the current version is mandatory. The code of conduct will be maintained on the kinship website, and in-game notifications as well as kinship website posts will be used to inform all members of changes.


Rules. Each of these is as important as the next and covers all Riders of Rohan, to include the officer corps and executive officers.


1.  Conduct yourself at all times, in all channels and forums, with maturity and respect. This rule is the context for all other rules.

2.  Follow Turbine’s terms of service. While The Riders of Rohan are special, we’re not so special that the rules don’t apply to us.

3.  No scamming, spamming, hacking, tricking, or otherwise cheating other Riders or any other LotRO player. It dishonors you and your kinship.

4.  No verbal attacks on any Rider or any other LotRO player. Disagreements happen in every MMO, as well as in real life, but all Riders will keep it civil. Disagreements are to be handled in private chats: no bickering, flaming, hateful, or abusive speech in any channel or forum. Officers are glad to address issues before they become problems, so ask one for assistance if needed.

5.  Keep profanity to an absolute minimum. No one is reprimanded for an occasional slipup, but excessive, chronic, or especially vulgar profanity will earn you a chat with an officer. Arguments about the profanity filter will find no sympathy.

6.  No gold buying, selling, or trading. While this is already against the Turbine terms of service, it’s an especially corrosive practice that diminishes the entire gaming community. Violation of this rule will result in immediate and irrevocable expulsion from The Riders of Rohan.

7.  PvMP zones are free-for-all. Riders are not expected to avoid attacking fellow Riders in creep or freep form. Riders must still adhere to all aspects of the code of conduct on any monster play characters.


Enforcement. The Riders of Rohan have only rare instances of people being unable or unwilling to follow these rules. On those occasions, however, there is a process for dealing with errant players. Officers have the right to skip directly to the second or third step in any case.


First, reminders: The officer corps will address the individual in question through private channels. People make mistakes, or forget individual rules every now and then. Reminders and guidance is what resolves the vast majority of issues in The Riders of Rohan. The officer will ensure the player understands why the behavior is not in line with our code of conduct. This step may be repeated if the officers think the issues are not malicious or willful, or if significant time has elapsed between incidents.


Second, suspension: Should reminders prove ineffective in bringing about Riderly behavior, the member will be notified through private channels that he is on suspension for 30 days. Suspension means the offender will be unable to create or sign up for scheduled kinship events, or to take advantage of the Riders of Rohan crafting bank. Every character that the offending player has will be suspended in this manner. At the successful (without further incident) conclusion of the suspension period, the player will be reinstated with full rights.


Third, separation: People who repeatedly or willfully violate the code of conduct will likely find more enjoyment with another kinship, and will be expelled. Expulsion is indefinite, and is solely the decision of the officer corps. A member in the suspension phase who violates the code of conduct is at risk of immediate expulsion.


When you apply for membership in The Riders of Rohan, you indicate you understand our code of conduct. When you accept membership, you are expressly agreeing to abide by our rules. Ignorance of the rules is never a defense.