The RoR Website. The website is a critical part of kinship communications and the website calendar is the only place where official kinship functions are scheduled. The website contains the RoR event calendar, forum, game guides, picture gallery, private messaging, helpful LotRO related links, and more.


All members are encouraged to contribute to the website by planning, posting and leading events via the calendar, taking part in the forum discussions, creating and posting game guides and posting both in-game screenshots and real life pictures to the gallery. Every Rider will be provided an account on the website. If you do not have a website account, or have password problems, contact any officer.


While not required, please consider providing a donation to ensure the website stays full featured and free of ads.


Ventrilo. The Riders of Rohan kinship has a Ventrilo in-game chat server for its members and officers. This is a free benefit to all members. All members are highly encouraged to use the Ventrilo server as often as they want. The Ventrilo access info is located on the RoR website and in the kinship message of the day you see each time you login to LOTRO.


Activity. There are no requirements for amount of gameplay, but should you not log in for six months or more, you may be removed from the roster and your website ID may be disabled for administrative reasons. This is NOT an expulsion, and you can rejoin the Riders with a quick /tell to any officer.  You will be back at full member status immediately. If you know you’ll be gone for a significant amount of time, notify the officers, and your characters will remain on the roster. On the flip side, there is no “power leveling” in the Riders of Rohan, so don’t even ask for it.


The Spoils of Victory: Loot Rules. After every good fight, there is loot to be had. From a 3-man instance to a full 24-man raid, ensuring loot distribution is fair and useful is a challenge. Currently, The Riders of Rohan do not use a loot allocation system like DKP.  Instead, we normally handle loot as free rolls and count on you to observe the following conditions:


1.  Only roll on an item that you can use with the character you have right there and then. If a legendary item drops for your class, you can roll on it. If a legendary item drops that you could use on an alt, pass unless there are no classes of that type in group. So, if you loot a chest and a Burglar dagger drops, and the group has no Burglars, it’s free roll.


2.  Most loot is relatively class specific. For instance, items with lots of will, fate, tactical critical rating, and tactical critical multiplier are typically for Runekeepers, Lore-masters, and Minstrels. This is a rule of thumb, so if you’re unsure if you should roll on something, ask the instance leader. It’s unfortunate when a rare drop that would really assist a character drops and it goes to a character that will ultimately vendor it.


3.  When in raids, some bosses drop armor barter tokens. These are equally useful for everyone, so they’re free roll. However, if you win one, you cannot roll on other armor tokens in that same raid that evening. This spreads the loot around, and allows many characters to make progress towards armor sets. The next time you raid with the Riders, you can roll again, even if it’s the same instance.


4.  In new raid content, if there is a rare housing trophy drop and the kinship house doesn’t have it yet, it will go to an officer who will put it in the house. Once the kinship has a particular trophy, it’s free roll.


5.  Some instance-specific items make for great cosmetic items. Take the time to try it on in the dressing room and see what it’s like. Ask your fellowship/raid if you can roll on it as a cosmetic.


6.  Finally, if there are any questions, ask the instance leader. Once you get a few instances done, this will seem like a simple system.


People make mistakes and occasionally roll on items they didn’t mean to. We all make mistakes, and its understandable. Don’t let it become a pattern, or your kinmates that are following the rules will think less of you.  And this doesn’t help anyone.


Feedback, Praise, Criticism, Concerns, Questions. The Riders of Rohan officers do their best to run a fun kinship for all members. They are not mind readers, and need your feedback to maintain and improve the Riders. Feedback from long-standing members and recruits alike is valued, and discussed by the officer corps. While the kinship cannot be all things to all people, we take every suggestion seriously.


Speak up! Whether it's through /tell, kinchat, forums, Ventrilo, or in-game voice, communication with the kinship not only integrates you into the Riders, it allows the good ideas and hard-won experiences you bring to the kinship to benefit all of us.